Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Albanian man kept two daughters chained for 22 years.

Pristina. A 70-year-old Albanian man kept his two daughters chained for 22 years, saying they were mentally ill and aggressive, local media reported Tuesday. "They were both ill, and I kept them in chains to keep them from running away," the man told local media. "I have fed them and washed them, but I had no time to go and look for them if they ran away," he said.

The two women, aged 38 and 47, were living in a small room with only a blanket on the floor. Media reported that the older sister had her left foot chained, while the younger one had both her hands in chains.

Allegedly, the older daughter was hospitalized in a mental institution when she was 16 and spent seven years there. After she was released, her father chained her and her younger sister.

Following the reports, the two women were sent to hospital. It is unclear whether the man will face charges.

A few days ago, a similar case was reported in Albania. A 26-year- old man was found chained in a kennel, where had been kept for three years.


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