Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Enver Hoxha: The only true Albanian.

Even though today it is considered a taboo to support Enver, I have to say I definitely do. Sure, the man did make a few mistakes and he did some things that maybe should not have been done (maybe should have let Albania be a bit more open with the world), but even this proved something: Albania does not need the help of ANY foreign countries, it has the capacity to support and maintain itself! Which is something that most other countries in the world could never do.

As mentioned earlier in here, Enver brought the literacy rate from the 15% it was before his regime to nearly 100% in the 80's, surpassing even the literacy rate of the USA.

Also, Albania was the most malaria-infested country in Europe before Enver, but when he came to power, he drained all of those infected swamps and completely eliminated the disease from Albania.

Although it's sad to say, Albania was one of the least-modernized countries in the world at the beginning of the 1900's. This was due to the Ottoman ruling that didn't allow us to progess and modernise with the world, rather keeping us like a 500 year old Turkish village. However, in his reign, Enver brought Albania from the 1500's right into modern times in less than 50 years! And lets not forget, this was by himself!

Furthermore, he was a fearless man, breaking off ties with anybody if he felt they had betrayed him, including superpowers Russia and China when he thought it was necessary.

Most of the people that talk against him have no idea about Albania 100 years ago, Albania 50 years ago and Albania today. They only listen to the democratic lies and propaganda against him. But in reality, Enver was a great leader. He paved the way for Albania to become one of the worlds greatest powers, no matter which political path it took. It was the democrats that took over and didn't know how to continue his success and run the place. They turned Albania into the embarrasment it was in the 90's. They managed to turn Enver's 50 years of hard work into a giant rubbish tip.

I could write and talk about this all day, really, but to finish, I'd like to say the final reason I support the great Enver Hoxha: he was a man who truly loved his nation. Whether he did good, or bad, the one and only thing he had on his mind, before anything else in the world (even himself) was his great nation of Albania. If he was given 1000 lives, he is a man who would have dedicated them all to his country and never himself. These thoughts also make me a bit sad, because it is so hard to find anybody today that put Albania before themselves. You can hate him, curse him and wish him all the worst, but when you do, hate and curse and wish the worst to Albania and all Albanians as well. Because that's what Enver was and will always be, a true Albanian.

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